Marsha Storck, Staff, Brianna T Scott and Associates

Marsha Storck

Former Office Administrator (Retired)

Although I retired in 2018, I still come into the office from time to time to assist and fill in when needed. I began working for Brianna T Scott & Associates, PLLC as the Office Manager in 2007.  Prior to joining the firm, I worked my way up at a local retail store, during a 19 year span, from sales associate to Store Manager. All told, I have 24 years of management experience. My prior duties at the law office include general bookkeeping, handling the accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, reception, certain caseload work and overall administration of the firm. I truly enjoyed working for the firm and with the women who work here.  I learned a tremendous amount of information which has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the law.  Working at this firm was a very rewarding experience!

Since retirement, I have enjoyed spending time with my family, friends, relaxing on Lake Michigan, gardening, reading and traveling.