Diane Vanderstelt (former employee of Brianna T. Scott & Associates PLLC)

My name is Diane Vanderstelt (also known in the Muskegon area as Jhett Vanderstelt). I moved from Muskegon on August 1, 2010 to Evansville, Indiana, but I still consider Muskegon and Brianna T. Scott & Associates my home and place of business. I lived in Muskegon for well over 30 years and I worked for Brianna T. Scott and Associates for over 5 years as a paralegal and legal Assistant.

I began my paralegal career working in 1992 when I helped Attorney Jeff Vanderstelt begin his family law practice. My specialty areas of law are primarily family law and general civil law. I assisted Brianna and the other attorneys in practice with all aspects of the thriving family law practice which is a significant part of the Brianna T. Scott and Associates focus.

Throughout my employment with Brianna I learned that family law (in particular) can be a practice where we are very involved with the clients and their families. I know my client's kids names, their birthdays and what schools they attended. I met many of the children that I worked with and I found that being a part of something so important was and continues to be very rewarding.

Today, as I mentioned before, I reside in Evansville, Indiana (in the southern most tip of Indiana). I moved to Evansville as a result of the changes in hockey in Muskegon and because Terry Ficorelli (the other side of my life) was named the Vice President of Hockey and broadcaster for the Evansville IceMen Hockey club. I now work for a 9 attorney firm by the name of Bowers Harrison as a para-legal.

Evansville is a wonderful town and you can't beat the weather here) but my home and my heart are still and will continue to be Muskegon. I continue to enjoy a good relationship with Brianna T. Scott & Associates and I am proud to be a long distance member of the BTS family.

Andrea Posvistak

Similar to Diane's story above, I too began my legal career working for Attorney Jeffrey D. Vanderstelt in downtown Muskegon.  I was employed by Attorney Vanderstelt as his Legal Assistant for over 12 years, the last 5 of which I was also his Law Office Manager.  During this time, I had the wonderful opportunity to work exclusively with family law related cases. This experience truely enabled me to deeply focus, learn and extensively broaden my knowledge in a specialty area of law. 

In July 2010, I decided that my life needed a change and I wanted to broaden my horizons.  I accepted a position that was offered to me (as Diane's replacement) at Brianna T. Scott & Associates PLLC as the firms paralegal/legal assistant.  I consider my "area of specialty" to be in matters relating to family law (Divorce, custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, etc.) although I have quickly begun to learn the vast realm of duties that are required to handle general civil matters as well. I have always enjoyed a challenge and love to learn new things, so the change in scenery for me has been a very good one!  I assist Brianna and the other attorneys in the office with all aspects of our thriving law practice.  As Diane said above, and I couldn't say it any better, so I will just reiterate that being a part of this firm is and will, no doubt, continue to be very rewarding!

I graduated from Shelby High School in 1996, consecutively enrolled at Baker College and graduated with a Legal Assistant degree.  Since I was a very young child, I always knew that I wanted to work in the law field.  I consider myself to be truly blessed for having the opportunity to learn from and work with such amazing attorneys during my career.  I feel that I am very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing, successful law practice and to have a career that I truly enjoy and love.

Mackenzie Howe

I began working in the legal field under the direction of Brianna Scott in 2010 as an intern from the Baker College Legal Studies Program. After completing my three month internship with Brianna T. Scott & Associates, I left the firm feeling well educated and ready to start my career as a paralegal. At time of my internship, the firm was going through many changes and they were unable to hire me as an employee, however a short, 6 months later I received a call from Ms. Scott asking me to join her team. I quickly acclimated myself to the Landlord/Tenant area of practice that this firm considers to be a large part of its practice. I have since branched out to handle other areas of law such as General Civil, Probate, Social Security Disability and Bankruptcy.

Although I did not grow up in Muskegon, like most of my co-workers, I have found that it is a great community to be a part of as a young professional. I grew up a short distance away in Spring Lake, and still spend the majority of my free time there with friends and family playing sports and enjoying the close knit community.

As you will hear from any employee here are Brianna T. Scott & Associates, this firm is a phenomenal place to work. Many professional relationships, as well as friendships have been cultivated during my experience here, and I am grateful to call this firm my home and my co-workers family.


Marsha Storck

I began working for Brianna T Scott & Associates, PLLC as the Office Manager in 2007.  Prior to joining the firm, I worked my way up at a local retail store, during a 19 year span, from sales associate to Store Manager. All told, I have 24 years of management experience. My duties at the law office include general bookkeeping, handling the accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, reception, certain caseload work and overall administration of the firm. I truly enjoy working for the firm and with the women who work here.  I have learned a tremendous amount of information which has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the law.  This has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience!

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, relaxing on Lake Michigan, gardening, reading and traveling.